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“You won’t get bored of staying here for 2 weeks.”


Once I heard this comment by a grandpa in a town somewhere abroad, on a TV show.
And I just thought it’s really nice – the comment shows that there’s so much attractive things in the town for everyone to enjoy.

Then I thought about Kamikatsu – where I am from – can anyone who visits the town enjoy staying here for 2 weeks?

There may be so many different things necessary to “enjoy” staying for 2 weeks,
and the needs varies depends on the personal preference.
Yet, the needs may also be different depending on “where” you spend the 2weeks.
You will have a totally different schedule for 2 weeks in Tokyo and the same in Kamikatsu.

In Kamikatsu, currently we only have less than 1,800 population while it was once over 6,000.
It will be soon very difficult to sustain it as a “town”.

However, there’s so many things and values worth passing to next generations in Kamikatsu.
So three of us, who fall in love with this small town, will create and deliver one by one
what we think is necessary in this town – so that you will hear from the people in Kamikatsu,
“You won’t get bored of staying in Kamikatsu for 2 weeks!”


Company Overview

Company Name RDND LLC.
Business Outline
1. Café polestar management
2. A store and an online shop for Kamikatsu local specialties management
3. Event organization
4. New Kamikatsu product design & development
Founder & Representative: Terumi Azuma
Co-founder & Planner: Takuya Matsumoto

32-1 Aza-Hirama, Ohaza-Fukuhara, Kamikatsu-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima 771-4501 Japan
Email info@rdnd-kamikatsu.com
Capital 530 Japanese Yen (read as Gomizero – meaning “Zero Waste”)
Foundation 2012/12/12

Company Vision & Mission
RDND LLC. exists to make Kamikatsu independent and sustainable.
RDND read as “Aru de Naide” meaning “there’s something you didn’t realize” in the local dialect. This represents our mission to find, re-name, and establish the values of Kamikatsu to sustain for next 100 years.