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Kamikatsu – There is nothing, but it has everything.

Kamikatsu is a village in the remote rural mountain area in Tokushima, Japan.
It is the smallest village in the Shikoku Island, and almost the half of its total population,
1,750(as of Dec.2014), is over the age of 65.

There’s only one traffic light in the village,
the nearest convenience store in the neighbor town is 15minutes away by a car,
and almost all stores in the village close at 5pm.

While it seems there’s really nothing, in Kamikatsu,
the wind brings you the seasons,
and you can enjoy the best ingredients at its best.
Both young and old feel their meaning of life and the potentials in this village.

So, there is something.

New Kamikatsu – Leading the world from the smallest village in Shikoku, Japan.

Even it is in the remote mountain area, there are many visitors from all over the world – with manly 2 reasons:

1. Kamikatsu is the first village in Japan declared for “Zero Waste” ambition.
There is no garbage truck in the village – people bring their own daily garbage to the garbage station,
where they need to separate them into 34 categories.
Kamikatsu declared “Zero Waste” to dice all the burnable garbage away by the year of 2020.

2. Grannies and grandpas are very active, with their own social enterprise on “leaves”.
As the traditional industry of agriculture and forestation stopped its productivity,
the village came up with the new social enterprise – selling “leaves”.
Grannies and grandpas work actively & independently with a big passion for doing business,
collect leaves and flowers for “Tsumamono”, the decoration for Japanese traditional dishes like sashimi, sushi and more!
Kamikatsu now has almost 80% of the market share of Tsumamono in Japan.